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        COSMOS: Investigating the long-term health of mobile phone users

        Independent research supported by the Department of Health
        Largest study of mobile phones & health
        105,000 UK participants, international collaboration
        Research goal
        Assess long-term health risks of mobile phones
        Project funding
        Department of Health

        Study Timeline

        Study Progress Study Progress 24 May We have been working hard on developing the follow-up questionnaire to reflect changing use of mobile phones and other wireless technology, and to allow us to capture important data on a range of other factors which need to be accounted for including health-related information (such as sleep quality, and reproductive health), indoor and outdoor environmental factors (such as air pollution and traffic noise), and measures of lifestyle, social factors and demographics. We are excited that the ques

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        020 7594 1892
        Mon – Fri (Excluding Bank Holidays)
        9.00am – 5.00pm
        Developed by AVAMAE
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